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Rickenbacker's beginning dates back to 1941. On December 8, the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Army announced that an airbase would be built just east of the Village of Lockbourne. The former Rickenbacker Air Force Base is now a private sector international air cargo airport. However, the military remains extremely active at Rickenbacker. Today the U.S. Air National Guard, Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve and Navy/Marine Reserve units can be found at Rickenbacker.

Army Aviation Support
(614) 492-1290
Navy Duty Info
(614) 492-2891
Ohio Air National Guard
  • ID Cards
(614) 492-3156 or
(614) 492-3461
  • BX (Base Exchange)
(614) 491-8424
  • Front Gate
(614) 492-4613
  • Security Police
(614) 492-4321
  • Base Operations
(614) 492-4595
  • Air National Guard Locator
(614) 492-3541