Rates & Incentives

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Rickenbacker International Airport 2014 Landing Fee Rates

Landing Fees $2.56/1,000 lbs MGLW

Landing Fees $3.85/1,000 lbs MGLW

Minimum Commercial Landing Fee < 12,500 lbs.

New Service Incentive

The airport seeks to encourage air cargo service development. Therefore, any scheduled or charter cargo carrier that initiates service to LCK and flies a minimum of 4 revenue flights per month will receive a 50% discount on all corresponding landing fees for the first 6 months of the service. The discount will be applicable immediately.

Rate Adjustment for Frequency

Carriers that serve Rickenbacker with regularity on a long term basis will be recognized with lower landing rates. Therefore, an air cargo carrier flying scheduled and/or charter freighter flights with a minimum average of 6 monthly revenue frequencies per month over the previous 6 month period will be eligible to have their rate lowered to the Signatory Landing Fee rate - should they not otherwise qualify for it. This lowered rate will be applied as long as the minimum monthly rolling average continues to be met and cargo is off-loaded and/or on-loaded at LCK.

Practical Example: The signatory landing rate is $2.56/1000lbs MGLW and the non-signatory rate is $3.85/1000 lbs. Airline XYZ initiates service to LCK on a twice weekly basis and does not otherwise qualify for the signatory rate. For their first six months of service Airline XYZ will pay $1.93/1000lbs of landed weight. After that term expires and they continue to meet the frequency requirement they will then pay the signatory rate of $2.56/1000lbs.

The bottom line benefit for good service is a good rate at LCK!