Animal Exports

Rickenbacker takes the reins on animal transportation

Having a safe and quiet environment for livestock, particularly horses, is essential for successful animal transport. At Rickenbacker International Airport, we have the facilities, staff, partners and geography to make animal transportation as easy and efficient as possible, while minimizing the stress to your animals and your business.  

*Coming soon…we are currently designing enhancements to our on-ramp animal handling facility.

The Rickenbacker difference

We’ve worked hard to create a process and culture of animal-friendly flying at Rickenbacker International Airport. We care for your animals like they’re our own. Here’s what you can expect when transporting animals with us:

  • Less stress for the animals
  • Shorter drive times
  • Quieter, less congested airport
  • Quality, uncongested roadway system surrounding Rickenbacker
  • Handling facility dedicated to animal transport, no loading airside
  • Only a five-minute tug ride between the animal facility and plane
  • USDA APHIS office only 10 minutes from the airport
  • Experienced livestock ground handling by way of Baker Livestock and Horse Transport

Rickenbacker is an approved Port of Embarkation

Baker Livestock and Horse Transport, a certified livestock ground handling agent, has more than 25 years of animal transport experience. The quality and care their specialized staff provides in moving animals is unparalleled.

Contact Larry Baker to make arrangements for the care and transit of your animals through Rickenbacker. 
Larry Baker 


“I have been in this business a long time and I have shipped all kinds of animals all over the world. I can tell you without hesitation that Rickenbacker offers the absolute best possible experience for animals and their owners throughout this very complex and delicate process.”

Larry Baker
Owner of Baker Livestock and Horse Transport